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      Purchasing and Procurement






      30 Oct - 31 Oct 17

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      30 Nov - 30 Nov -1



      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia




From Tactical to World Class Procurement
Purchasing and Procurement | Training | 30 Oct 17 - 31 Oct 17
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Brief Course Description

Most Procurement Operations have the objective of becoming or maintaining World-Class status. World-Class Purchasing operations target significant annual cost improvement, bringing significant strategic value to their organizations and strong recognition to the function and those in it.

Yet according to many studies most organizations must significantly improve their supply management operations in order to provide the continuous improvements needed to win and earn profits in today’s very competitive market place.

This program explores the practices generally viewed as leading to World-Class performance in procurement so that you can determine where you are now and begin immediate implementation of the steps to world class.

Benefits for Those Who Attend:

  • Moving to World class by performing purchasing gap analysis
  • Review world class practices in key areas of organization and performance measurements.
  • Explore methods of evaluating prices
  • How to use purchase price indexes?
  • World Class practices in supplier relations, planning and specifying, procurement process, and supplier performance
  • The Skills For Developing a purchasing strategic plan.

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