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      Purchasing and Procurement






      25 Oct - 29 Oct 15

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      30 Nov - 30 Nov -1



      Dubai, United Arab Emirates




Mini MBA For Procurement Professionals
Purchasing and Procurement | Training | 25 Oct 15 - 29 Oct 15
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Purchasing & Procurement Leadership

Fundamentals of Purchasing Practices typically done Instability and change Myths Requiring Clarification Expectations from Procurement Understanding Essentials Taken for Granted Competitive advantage Lead time Asset management – inventory Management or Leadership? History – Scientific Management Transition and benefits Leadership orientation to Strategic Sourcing Making things happen Rules for success Group Discussion: - CPO Leadership in the Boardroom - Fiction or Reality?

Leading with Strategic Sourcing

Introduction Developing Category Strategies Critical areas Change and strategy Developing and Managing Suppliers Reducing the supply base Stages of development Using Technology Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Collaboration Supplier relations Developing trust Building a Team Retaining talent Competencies and categories for personal development

Aligning Procurement and Organisational Strategy

This session focuses on initiating a strategic plan for procurement starting with the Vision, Mission, Values & Goals for procurement to support its strategy. These are aligned with the overall strategy of the organization.

Vision statements: the what & why Individual activity: Creating Procurement’s Vision Mission statements: the what & why Individual activity: Clarifying Procurement’s Mission Corporate Values: what do they mean? Individual activity: Identifying Procurement’s Values SMARTER Goals: Long, Medium & Short-term Individual activity: Documenting Procurement’s Vision Strategic Planning: the what, why & how Individual activity: Initiating Procurement’s Strategic plan Stakeholder communication & Management Individual activity: Documenting Procurement’s Communication plan

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