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  Q1 :

Why are you applying for this position?

  Q2 :

Why do you want to leave the current job, or why did you leave the previous jobs?

  Q3 :

Have you ever missed a deadline or failed to complete a task that others expected you to complete?

      (if yes) How did you feel about that? Why did you feel that way?    
  Q4 :

You are called in to troubleshoot a problem. After trying a couple of standard solutions, progress is still not being made. What would be your next step?

  Q5 :

What principles guide your conduct in life?

  Q6 :

As a person, what are your greatest strengths? What are your greatest personal limitations/weaknesses?

  Q7 :

Some people plan everything ahead of time while other people like spontaneity. Which best describes you and why?

        I prefer to plan everything      
        I prefer spontaneity      
  Q8 :

You are put in charge of a project. Prior to your taking over the project had missed one deadline and is now close to missing the second. How would you handle this?

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